Deleting an account from EmonPi


I have a problem with logging into my EmonPi.

I have created local account with my email on the EmonPi, and also I’ve created second emoncms account on the computer to load credits from OEM purchas. now I cannot merge this two accounts .

What will happen if I delete the only local account on the EmonPi? will it factory reset the EmonPi, so I can log in with new account?
Maybe I can add local account to EmonPi?

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I am interested in that point as well

The accounts for the local EmonPi and the remote are completely different and independent and there is no link between them.

Does that mean if you are a newbie with working accounts on local & emoncms which you do not want to mess up, you could register a new account where you could modify and learn without fear of damaging your system (speaking from experience), which is what is holding me back.

I’m not understanding the question really. is an online version of Emoncms. It has a great deal of similarity with the standalone system (EmonPi) and the same data can be loaded onto both. The key advantage it has is that it can be accessed from anywhere (I have never used it).

What you do to a local system does not affect (apart from the upload of data) the online system. The local system is really designed for a single user under most circumstances. What sort of ‘damage’ do you envisage?

When I alter feeds and don’t get the result I am expecting it can be difficult to get back to before my alterations. on .org