Delete multiple input nodes (100s)

(Brian Orpin) #1

I have discovered (the hard way) that EmonCMS does not like MQTT topics with ‘:’ in them. Issue #1105.

I now have 100s (it has been running a while) of inputs. How can I delete them in one go…


(Paul Reed) #2

That should keep you out of mischief for a while!

(Brian Orpin) #3

That I doubt…

So no easy way, clicking takes about a minute each :hot_face:

(Paul) #4

The input/clean api call will delete all inputs that do not have a processlist.

Beware of any valid nodes with inputs that have no processes getting reordered e.g. a node with inputs a,b and c. If b has no processes it will get deleted and then recreated when that node posts again so inputs will then get listed inthe order 1,3,2. To preserve the order of valid nodes, just add a dummy process before using the api eg “x1” or “reset to 0” etc.

(Brian Orpin) #5

Ah brilliant!!

Deleted 5803 inputs