Default MQTT password

Hey guys, I have just done a fresh install of emoncms on a pi, I am not using the SD image as I need some partition changes, so I built it up with the scripts,
what is the default username for the mqtt user ?
I do see in the passwd file emonpi is the user, but the passwd is hashed


thanks, but that does not work, just itterating, I have done this install via scripts

Hello @rolfbartels that should be the correct credentials, see the settings file here:

Thanks guys,
So I am a little lost here, did a new rPI install and then followed the script install based on doc’s
emoncms seems to be working fine and so does mqtt when I do local test on the pi, but it looks like mqtt is only listening on the local host ip and not the public ip

[email protected]:~ $ sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN |grep 1883
mosquitto 1230 mosquitto    5u  IPv4  21869      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)
mosquitto 1230 mosquitto    6u  IPv6  21870      0t0  TCP [::1]:1883 (LISTEN)
[email protected]:~ $

the system originally booted up with and ip and this was changes to if that makes any diff.

Ok I have resolved my issue, I added listener 1883 to the misquitto.conf file

looks like the default config either this is by default or bug

I’d be inclined to only listen on your own subnet rather than the world.

Can you say what you used to add the listener and the lsof output afterwards?

It might be a package update has changed this so it is more secure by default.

@TrystanLea I know the RPi OS has updated recently and has affected git in behaviour change to increase security by default, so this might be the same.


Changed to this
TCP *:1883 (LISTEN)

THis is the listen port, I could have put it on the local ip, but it does not stop anyone on the network still querying it, * just means bind to all interfaces

Thanks, I was thinking of the command so I didn’t have to go and dig it out again (I had a similar issue with something else, though for the life of me I can’t remember what!).