Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Good Morning,

Are any of the products CE marked? And if so, can you provide a Declaration of Conformity with respect to any EU directives and/or harmonized standards that apply to the emonBase and emonTx V3?

Thank you in advance.

See Introducing emonTx V3.4 - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor
The a.c. adapter and USB power supply are CE marked.

See attached for the declaration of conformity:

Megni-DeclarationofConformity.pdf (128.4 KB)

Good Afternoon Glyn,

Do you not have a DoC that states conformity to the RED (Radio Equipment Directive)?

No we don’t, and are not currently required to since the device went on sale and was tested before the RED directive came into force. However, the radio that we use (RFM69CW), has passed RED compliance tests. See attached.

RFM69CW-868S2R.pdf (35.2 KB)

We are currently in the process of testing some new products based on ESP8266, these new units will be tested to RED.

Good Afternoon Glyn,

I’ve been informed by our consultant that you are obliged to conform to the RED as you are still selling and manufacturing the device to date. Can you not update your DoC to incorporate the RED seeing as the transmitter has passed the RED compliance test?