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Davis wifi-logger wflexp.json

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Hi, can someone please point me in the right direction. I have the emonpi collecting all my solar data and some temp data from the emonhub.
I have just converted my David Vantage Pro-2 console to use the WiFi logger2. I see on the “Custom Export Setup” page that it can create either A “Realtime.txt” or “wflexp.json” file. via FTP server or MQTT Server.

Am really lost here. What do I need to do to bring the weather station data into the emonpi

Not 100% sure but if you populate the MQTT section with info it should work.
Not sure what is under Mode
server will be the IP address of the emonpi
username should be emonpi
Password should be emonpimqtt2016
Topic could be weather

you can then create feeds buy reading the MQTT info



Thanks, I finally had some input headers created. I’ll have to do some more reading now to see what I need to do to create some meaningful feeds. Again Thanks