Dataplicity not accessing emoncms via Wormhole

I have 5 Rpi’s running remotely the emoncms application – each with dataplicity installed.
Over the last couple of days, I cannot now access them via Wormhole.
When I try to log into emoncms, I get a message that the connection is not secure and [object Object].
I’ve tried both Firefox & Google as browsers and have cleared the cache (using cCleaner) and have tried turning off Kaspersky protection – all to no avail.
Is it an emoncms or a dataplicity problem?
Any advice/comments?

I think I have identified it as a dataplicity problem …
The Wormhole URL is displayed as https://…etc
But when I click on it, my browser goes to http://…etc but the http:// bit is not displayed
I have to insert https:// and then re-browse for it to work (ie: allow me to enter emoncms)
I first noticed this new behaviour a couple of days ago.

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Worked for me, thanks!