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Dataplicity connection intermittent

Anyone else had problems with dataplicity working for a few hours, then not?

After about 12 hours it stops working, a reboot of the Pi fixes the issue and dataplicity wormhole works again, and then stops again, it’s happened only twice so far.
Dataplicity probably has an update interval, would this be the cause?

Or have I had bad luck and there’s simply a bad internet connection?

Go onto the website and log it via a message / chat. I have had excellent response to problems in the past.

Dataplicity uses the supervisor service so check that and the sys logs and see if there are any errors.

All working. One of two things fixed it.

  1. I disabled ‘no-ip’ DDNS on the router.
  2. I disabled scheduled internet disconnect for the night-time hours, again, a router setting.