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Dataplicity and Node-Red

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Has anyone used Dataplicity to connect remotely to node-red? I can only see support for a ‘wormhole’ to port 80 on the emonPi. This gives access to the emonCMS login page, but not to any other web servers running on a different port. We need access to port 1880 for node-red.

OK. I found the additional application Porthole that allows mapping of remote ports back to your local device.

We have a need to monitor multiple emonPi installations remotely, but also configure and manage node-red as the agent managing control and communications on the device.

If anyone has other configurations they have used, feel free to put them up here.

We are also looking at using a remote ssh client like TeamViewer to initiate a vpn client like OpenVPN to connect back to our VPN server. Most sites have open outgoing access, so an agent like Dataplicity or TeamViewer is the easiest to install

It might be worth you checking out …