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I enabled the emoncms multi-user module, I made some registrations, I need these users to be stored in a database, how do I access the emoncms database to view this information of registration of users?

Are you self hosting emoncms? PHPMyAdmin is the go.

Yeah, emoncms is on a server.
I’ve created multiple users, what I need is to know where these users are being stored?
Are there databases in emoncms that store these users?

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Where can I find this table in the database ?
how to save the data directly into the mysql database ?

There is no user registered in the emoncms table,
How to feed this user table?

Have you registered the first user from the web interface? The first user is automatically the administrator.

Okay, but I registered other users.

it worked,
How do I see energy consumption data, km between another of each user registered in emoncms ?

How do I enable that function?
I need to see the consumption of each user by the database.

Emoncms supports multiple users, with the “enable_multi_user = true”.

Each user has their own inputs, feeds, graphs, dashboards etc. By default these are all private - only accessible to that user.

A user can make feeds & dashboards public for access via link e.g:

There is no core functionality for one user to view the data of another user within a logged in context. Or to create users with only read access privileges.

There are optional modules that have been developed that provide some of this functionality:

E.g the group module:
GitHub - emoncms/group: In development: Emoncms groups module

I installed it in the Modules folder directory and when creating a group it shows this error below.
How can I fix it?

Error: parsererror: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

OK. Big change from what I remember the last time I ran it. (that’s been quite some time ago)
I’ve deleted the incorrect info to avoid any confusion.

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that problem can’t be solved ?

Every day a learning day.