Data Quality in emonCMS

I don’t know if it’s available on, on the emonPi version it is available on “Graphs”:


The number is low because it’s reporting at the exact same rate (± mains frequency variations) as the database, so some samples are getting overwritten and some slots are being skipped.

What is the definition of ‘Quality’?

Pass. It appears to be the ratio of empty slots in the database, over the period displayed.
This happens when slots are missed, either because the data doesn’t arrive, or in this case because the reporting interval is slower than the database or because of jitter it arrives late, and with “missing data” the gaps show up:

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That was what I thought but I wondered if you had a definitive answer :grinning:.

No, I know less than you about emonCMS. @TrystanLea should know the answer.
(N.B. this is a very old emonCMS.)

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:slight_smile: correct