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Data Logging remotely and backing up EmonPi SD Card

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Hi I purchased an EMonPI and I watched the videos on UTUBE whilst awaiting delivery and I can see that this device is well supported by websites OPENCMS and will greatly increase my knowledge of APIs etc.

One thing is bothering me though.

The PI has an SD card and the data is saved to it and so some time in the future the SD Card will fail. So I need to back up the SD card image and find a way to get emonpi to send the data to a remote sever probably one on my NAS drive.

Is this possible without breaking apart the EmonPi ?

Hello @dnwigley have you seen the guide on backing up and restoring here: Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

There was a thread here recently about setting up a regular automated backup that might be useful:

I found this

But it doesn’t seem to work on a mac as it keep saying file not found?