Data from web server

Hi, I would like to create real-time graphs, using data from a web-server.
The data is displayed on a table. Is it possible to get graphs using your service?

Do you mean extract data from a web server somewhere and use emonCMS to display the graphs?

If that is what you mean, emonCMS is really designed to accept data that is sent to it, and then store and display it. If the web server cannot send the data itself, you need a means to ‘scrape’ (extract) the data from the table, convert it into a format that emonCMS can accept, and then send it to emonCMS.

Are you using emonCMS on your own server/Raspberry Pi, or are you using

Thanks for the reply.
I currently use Arduino with the portal
But I’m also using a datalogger to read the data coming from 24 digital wattimeters. This tool saves the data and shows it on a web page in a table. But I would like to display this data on a graph like those on
Do you think I could use a Raspberry to do this?

I think you could, but I’m not a Raspberry Pi expert so I cannot tell you how to get the data.

Is it possible to program the datalogger so that it can send to emoncms directly?

The way to send data to is given on the website itself - “Inputs” → “Input API Help” .