Data from remote host to local pi (sd card image)

i have a self hosted install of emon cms at a hosting company that gives me unlimited data on database, so for that reason i use the mysql feed engine exclusive, they also dont care much about how frequent i submit data (thou i suspect they did not know what they where answering me) but i did give them detailed info on what i was doing

now i know that the pi sd card image is different and uses a mix of phpfina and phptime series

is it still possible to port the setup including dashboard etc and the feed themselfes from one install to the other?

i found the mysql folder

but is phpmyadmin installed so i can easy import tables etc?

that would get my most of the way

but of course some of the data need to be converted from phptimeseries to phpfina

one way could be to export from myphpadmin and then convert to MyISAM which i assume is what emoncms uses

but the feeddata themselfes are another thing

could have used the backup module on the hosted install, but hosting company does not allow or support redis :frowning:

Not trying to nit-pick, but AIUI, the definition of self-hosted as used with regards to an instance of
emonCMS is taken to mean a local copy. i.e. one running on one of your machines vice one
running on or a machine provided by a hosting company.

Again, my aim here is not to nit-pick, but to try and avoid any possible confusion for other users,
especially new ones. :wink:

I edited the title of the thread to reflect the above statement.

Are you asking if it’s included with the SD card image?
Even if it’s not, you can install it with the command sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

then i would not call it a local copy since its running on machine provided by hosting comany (unoeuro)


is that also the case with the low write versions of the sd card images? they are running in read-only mode if not mistaken

but will look in to it

Could you elaborate a bit on what you’re asking here:
is it still possible to port the setup including dashboard etc and the feed themselfes from one install to the other?

Indeed they are.
But, all you need do is issue the command rpi-rw to put the filesystem in read-write mode
whereupon you can make the changes you need/want.

Issuing the command rpi-ro returns the system to read-only mode.
The read-write command has a timeout function, so if the rpi-ro command isn’t issued, the
filesystem will return to read-only mode after the timeout.

i have emoncms install on the machine provided by the hosting company
i want to copy all data from there to the pi emonpi(emoncms)

That’s what I thought.
So now I’m a bit confused. You want to go from a remote host, to one of your RasPis.
Why do you say then i would not call it a local copy?

The title says from remote to local. Is that not correct?

because one install is not a local copy, the other is

yes, so that the setup is the same on both local and remote, data is being sent to both also

my “biggest” problem is that i cant use the backup module that otherwise would allow me to copy from remote to local and the other way round

Yes, that can be done. Many do exactly that. (except their “remote host” is but the underlying principle is the same. (the version of emonCMS that uses is different than the version one installs on a RasPi)

There’s a thread that discusses using the sync module to do that task.
It’s not a straightforward operation and there seem to be some caveats along the way.
Search the forum for sync module

Unfortunately, I’m at a loss there. (I stopped running emonCMS about 4 years ago, so I haven’t kept
up with all the changes)

Sounds like @borpin or @PB66 would be in a much better position to help you with this issue.

no worries, i have a minor issue installing phpmyadmin, it complains about the root passowrd which should be emonpi2016 right?

If memory serves, that’s the pi user password.

The password phpmyadmin wants is the MySQL root password.

Are you trying to install this on the hosted service? (I sort of lost the thread to this bit).

REDIS is only used to trigger the shell script. Your bigger problem may well be the hosting company does not allow shell scripts to be executed. If they do, you can just run the script directly.

If I understand this correctly, you have a local Pi install that you wish to move to a remote hosted version of emoncms and move from the file based data storage to mysql data storage.

If so, I don’t know how that conversion might be done. As the volume of data is really quite small unless you are storing a large number of feeds, I don’t think there is much advantage for you.

Depends on how old the SDCard image is. This used to be the case to reduce wear on the SD Card, but recent changes mean that this is no longer the case. More importantly, ‘low write’ actually means that the data to be written is buffered so you get one write at greater intervals rather than lots of small writes very regularly.

no, on the local pi


the other way round, and i dont want to move but copy

think it was late 2016 early 2017

So copy (sync or one off?) data that is currently stored on the hosted emoncms in mysql to a local Pi install.

Is this a new SD Card?

You can possibly use the Sync module.