Data Discrepancy emonBase CMS vs

Hi, I have completed the swap out of 3 emonTX wifi for 3 emonTX 433mhz and am quite happy with the performance. Signal strength has improved greatly and the amount of null data has dropped significantly.

However, there is a difference between the CMS on emonBase vs The number of nulls is significantly higher in than in emonBase. See my comparison tables below.

Here is the data summary from

Here is the data summary for the same period from emonBase

So, I have several questions.

  • why the difference? I do notice if watching the inputs on, the update intervals in some cases are longer than 10 seconds - sometimes up to 19 seconds
  • the emonTXv4 with the strongest signal has the greatest number of null entries - I would have expected it to have the fewest.
  • All my inputs have the feeds set to 10-second intervals. Are there any settings that could reduce the number of null entries?

In looking at the sync function on the emonBase CMS for both inputs and feeds it says " Note: Data upload is not yet enabled on" How do I sync to have the missing data appear in

Thank you,