Dashboards and Dataplicity

I’ve created a Dashboard on my local instance of emoncms.
I’ve logged out of emoncms and when I then browse to …
Voila - there’s the Dashboard - perfect!

I have other instances of emoncms running at a remote location which I access via Dataplicity and have created a Dashboard there.
Browsing to the Dataplicity URL …
… brings up the emoncms Account login screen.

Is there a way to incorporate the login details in the Dataplicity URL?
Does it involve API or incorporating username and password in the URL? - if so, how?

Any suggestions?

@TrystanLea and @pb66

Can you provide any guidance please?


It is not the normal behavior to be able to view a dashboard unless at least one of the following 3 conditions is met

  1. Dashboard and displayed feeds are set to public.
  2. An apikey is included in the url
  3. You are currently logged in (via the same browser)

Is it possible you have set up the local emoncms dashboard and feeds as public?

Also, it’s possibly a typo, but that url for the Dataplicity instance is to edit not view dashboard. You can only edit a dashboard whilst fully logged in.

https://xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-4566.dataplicity.io/emoncms/dashboard/**view**?id=1&apikey=1234abcd (using either your readonly or readwrite apikey) should work.

However I do not have much experience with the Dataplicity wormhole, the above applies to general use of generic emoncms instances, if Dataplicity does effect that behavior I am not aware of that being the case.

Many thanks, Paul

The local emoncms dashboard and feeds are indeed set as public. In my opinion it’s an advantage to view a Dashboard locally without needing to login.

Your suggestion re the Dataplicity Wormhole URL worked perfectly (no need to login). Again, a great advantage to directly view a Dashboard fom a remote location.

Could I respectfully suggest that your notes be added to the Dashboard section in the Guide? (Section 6) That’s where I started and ‘got stuck’ - this kind of important detail is difficult/unsuitable for a video guide.

Thx again
John (Banks)