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how to set up a dashboard for energy consumption and temperature and amount of km?

This guide may be useful for you: Dashboard Builder - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

my question is referring to panel creation in emoncms, have how to create a dashboard that shows these graphics ?
I’m not using

I don’t know how different the emoncms from is.

How do I insert a background screen into the emoncms login screen, where do I insert this code?

That link generates a 404. Can you link to it again please?

Is it linked from here:, or are you looking for something very specific?

The link posted by @TrystanLea does not exist:

It returns a 404.
There’s a link in one of the guides as well, but that points to the same page, which does not exist.
It is to do with setting up dashboards.

I know that, I looked and confirmed it. What I do not understand is what exactly you are looking for. On the page I pointed you towards are links to two further pages relating to Dashboards - Dashboard builder & Application dashboards

Is one of those giving what you want to know? If those do not provide what you want to know, you need to be a bit more specific in your request.

The url gives the game away Robert. Dashboard setup.
Your link didn’t help, hence the reply.
Now you have refined your links I can find what I was after.
Thank you.

Seems to me you didn’t look down that page I pointed you at. All I did was repeat the links that were on that same page.

Thanks @NickC I’ve updated my link in the above post to the new location Dashboard Builder - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor