Dashboard Visualization Realtime graph not updating

Using an emonPi running the latest software after using the built in update mechanism

One CT sensor is connected to the live cable just after the meter into the house - my “whole house” usage.

This goes to a feed called “whole house”

I set up a dashboard with a very simple visualisation - realtime - linked to the whole house feed.

The thing is that the chart doesn’t update. Both the X and Y scales move along over time - but the line for the chart is stuck at the extreme right and doesn’t move along.

I suspect there’s a (new) bug in the Visualisation. I set one up to test what you saw, but got nothing - not even the line you see - in the graph window. However, changing the timebase showed the graph updating correctly.

Anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?


I presume your Feed Interval is set to 10 s - the same as the rate the emonPi reads the power? If it’s faster, it causes gaps in the data which confuses people, but I’ve never heard of this fault before.

Have you flipped it to weeks or months and then back again?

Have you tried another update since? I don’t know if anything has changed that might affect you, but then we’re never told about these things.