Dashboard order


Since the recent update on Emoncms the order of my dashboards is mixed up.
I used to start the dashboard names with a number to control the order.
But that doesn’t work anymore.
Is there another way to set the order in the lefthand menu?
Also, is there a way to prevent this menu from automatically hiding?

Kind Regards,
Gwen Vanheusden

Hello @gwen, I’ve fixed the dashboard ordering, I will look into saving the last state of the menu so that if you expand it stays expanded and if you minimise it stays minimised.

Thx @TrystanLea for fixing this so quickly!

Hi Trystan, since you’re working there, take a look at this : Recover the published status from v9.8 · Issue #267 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub
Before only Published dashboards appeared on the list as a star (all visible on all dashboards).