Dashboard missing in local emoncms

Hi guys,
I’m new in the club.
I am from Romania and I discover this community last year and I read regularly this forum.
This year I have built an custom emoPi using a raspberri pi2 and a cheap clone Chinese arduino nano.
I was using the emonSD-07Nov16 image. At first attempt I have encountered problems with using the web interface because the hardware is different from the original emonPi.
The difference is the Atmega and the radio transceiver which is RFM69HCW.
After many experiments with the hardware and specially the software I succeeded to make a quasi-functional device.
With Chinese Arduino Nano the problem was in speed of serial transmission (must be halved than the original emonPi) but witch RFM69HCW I’m working yet to make compatible communication.
Any way, I was reinstall the image again (now with the known modifications clear in mind) and this time I can use the web interface. I can post the test data to local emoncms and to emoncms.org server. Last Friday I builded the first dashboard on my local emoncms and on emoncms.org.
I was gone in weekend, but Monday morning when I checked the emoncms data I discover that on the local the dashboard is missing (the feed is OK , the graph is OK but the dashboard is empty). In emoncms.org the dashboard is OK.
I want to rebuilt the local dashboard, but it was several unsuccessfully attempt.
The problem is that the floating palette is different on local vs emoncms.org.

On local the floating palette is incomplete and I can’t build anything.

but on org server the palette is OK:

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

I wan to thank you for opportunity to learn so much from this community.

Are you running the latest version of dashboard module?

Can you connect via SSH then run

$ cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/dashboard
$ git branch
$ git pull 

What was the result of the git branch command? What branch are you running?

Did git pull update any new changes?

What version emoncms are you running? Please could you post a full screen grab of emoncms admin page? It should be possible to see the version of the dashboard module e.g.

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