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Dashboard menu disappeared after full update of emoncms

After I completed full update of emoncms, I found that dashboard and demandshapper disappeared from the munu list.

Can anyone help.

Same problem here, with Version: low-write 10.2.7 Git: * stable Describe : 10.2.7-2-g882d52c5

Hello @voodoo @wilfrik you will need to update each module as well as the core , you should then see the modules reappear in the menus…

For example, for the dashboard module:

cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/dashboard
git pull origin master
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I was assuming here that you don’t have an emonSD install. If you do the latest version of the main emoncms repository is 10.7.7, so it sounds like that didnt update correctly for you @voodoo ? can you copy the update log here?

Yes i have emonSD :frowning:
“emonpiRelease: emonSD-24Jul20”
but i have the same problems
I lost some menus

Ok, it sounds like the update didn’t complete correctly. You could try running it again. Have you made any local changes to the code or anything like that?

“System update done: seg ago 30 19:17:27 BST 2021”

the problem keeps :frowning:


cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules
git pull

All works :smiley:

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