Dashboard graphs cursor problems

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(John Schols) #1

i noticed a little while ago that after an update (not the most recent) that I can no longer see the values of bar graph items (line graphs are still ok) when you roll your cursor over the graph. Am having to go into graphs to the original graphs to get values I need.

(Trystan Lea) #2

Hello @JohnSchols, this issue is now fixed in the latest version of the graph module, thanks to @ales-sko

(John Schols) #3

How do I update/download the graph module. I’ve logged into the GitHub that shows the changes made. Do I need to make the changes or do I download a module to be loaded?


(Trystan Lea) #4

Hello @JohnSchols, if you have an emonpi/emonbase, just run the update process from the emoncms administration interface. Let me know if not and I can guide further.

(John Schols) #5


Thank you for your help. I wasn’t aware it would be this simple. Graphs fixed

Again Thanks