Dashboard display error

Hi everyone,

I have set up a new dashboard but the displayed values do not match the feed values they are linked to. As the values are identical, but the feed values are different, I assume some sort of limit is at work but I don’t know where the setting is.



Hello @Repower, what do you see in the feed list itself rather than the input process list? Is the discrepancy the same?

Hi Trystan, yes the discrepancy is the same:

Hi Trystan- do you have any suggestions for what I could try? We use the widget externally so it is causing a bit of a headache. Thanks

Hello Felix, I think this error sounds connected to your other post here Error in calculation using +input function
Are you posting the data to emoncms in one request? and which API are you using?

if the inputs are arriving in a sequence of input/post requests the order at which they arrive may explain what you are seeing… can you send the data in a single request under one node name perhaps? or do you know which one always arrives last?

Thanks Trystan. I have responded on the other thread and will maybe leave this one for now, although there does seem to be a difference: When the input values are processed (+input etc) there are errors, which sounds like it could be due to the way the data is being sent to However with the dashboard, the error is that the displayed values do not correspond to the values recorded under log to feed. As it is the feed value that is being passed on to the dashboard, I am confused as to why the timing issue on the inputs would affect the value displayed by the dashboard. There may be something I am missing but just to check!