Dashboard Button "New"


I installed v2.0.3 and v2.0.5 but the “New” button isn’t working.
When I click nothing happens.
Maybe is there any other config/permission to do?


Hi Victor,

v2.03 and 2.05 of what?

The more info you can give us, the better we can help you.


They are dashboard module v2.0.3 and v2.0.5.
I tried first v2.0.3 and then with v2.0.5.

After you installed v2.05, did you try forcing a browser cache clear?

I did cache clear and works normally.
Already tried this first, but no success. At this time works fine.


Are you’re saying you tried clearing the cache and it didn’t work, but it worked after you tried clearing
the cache a second time? (just want to be sure we’re on the same sheet of music :wink:)

Glad to hear it’s sorted, I have now closed the github issue previously raised.

Yes! This is it!


Sorry Bill, I delete Cache Browser, but my button doesn’t work…