Dashboard battery graphic - granularity

Through the marvels of Node-RED & some great help from this forum, I have been able to display my Powerwall’s State of Charge in a battery icon on my EmonCMS dashboard. But it would seem that it “only” has 5 segments, ie graphically it shows full until <80%, 80% full until <60% etc etc.

Is there a(n easy) way to increase this to perhaps 10 segments? (I know the digital readout is correct, I am only talking about the segments here)


What icon did you used?
because i couln’t find it.

I only know this one: node-red-contrib-ui-level (node) - Node-RED

and this one: node-red-contrib-ui-artless-gauge (node) - Node-RED
and actually, this one is well suited for my node-red dashboard too.

Edit: well, i was refering to node-red dashboard ( node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED ) and didn’t realized that you have your dashboard on emoncms.
As i almost never used emoncms dashboard, i can’t help you with that.

If you want an alternative, you can always try it.
I am curently testing diferent alternatives on the dashboard and is curently like this:

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Hello @haffle it looks like the number of blocks is currently a hard coded property here: dashboard/battery_render.js at master · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub you could try changing that locally if you wish.

I’ve created an issue to track this one for future development option to select number of battery blocks · Issue #257 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub


Thanks @TrystanLea - I have ssh’d in to my emonPi but can’t find the dashboard file to edit, so will try another time.

The locations should be:

cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/dashboard/widget/battery

Thanks again @TrystanLea; feeling like a true keyboard warrior now! It now displays in 10% increments. This stuff is so rewarding when it comes together :laughing:


Great, nice work!