Dashboard add external png graph


i’ve found many references to PNG files but I have not been able to establish whether it is possible to add an external PNG (graph picture) to my dashboard?

My current dashboard shows current solar panel production. I’d like to add a graph from my weatherstation data, showing solar radiation, as a comparison.


Instead of adding a PNG representation of the data, is it possible to import the actual feed data from your weatherstation into emoncms.
This would allow you to store historical data, select timeframes and display data in the same format as your solar power production.



That was part of my long term plan, Yes I’d love to get my weather data into emonpi. Any pointers as to where I can get instructions for import of at CSV file, being produced every 10 secs,


Can you post an example of the CSV file, so we can see the format.


And details of the weatherstation (make and model etc) and any software you are using with it (local or online services)

realtime.txt paste:

23/02/18 16:09:03 2.4 72 -2.1 6.0 10.0 44 0.0 0.0 1020.05 NE 2 mph C hPa mm 43.6 -0.43 35.6 35.6 0.0 20.7 50 -0.4 -0.2 3.1 12:51 -1.2 01:02 8.0 14:08 19.0 11:47 1022.86 00:05 1020.05 15:53 1.9.4 1099 17.0 2.4 2.4 0.0 0.51 53 54 0.0 2 1 0 NE 565 m -1.8 2.1 77 0

sorry it’s not a CSV but plain text space delimited.

My station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 with the solar attachment. It feeds to it’s own console which then links to software “Cumulus version 1.9.4 build 1099”. I feed data to Weather Underground, and Met Office WOW (weather observations website). I also feed my own website solarschols.com

weather underground station id: IENGLAND1253
Met office site id: 436149203
Met Office WOW -

I’m sure @Paul will direct you to some nodered implementations. I would also like to say there maybe another option on the horizon.

@TrystanLea and I are trying to reunite the emonhub variants and I had previously written a weatherunderground interfacer for the original emonhub that allowed you to just define the weather values you want in the order you want from the location you want and emonhub would fetch the data and pass it to emoncms every 3 mins. Hopefully that interfacer will make an appearance in the not to distant future (not soon enough for you though I guess - The old code is at GitHub - emonhub/emonhub at test-wunderground)

John, do you have node-red installed?
If so, there are at least 2 options available;

  1. Using node-red, it would be trivial to parse the space delimited text file and change it into a suitable format, to be fed into emoncms via MQTT, the node-red emoncms node, or even via emoncms’s API.
  2. Again via node-red, send a HTTP request at regular intervals to Wunderground, parse the response, and again feed that into emoncms as per option 1.


Thanks, will have a look at this on Tuesday and may have some more questions.

If you decide to go down the node-red route, and need some help with developing the flow, just let me know!



Have been trying to read up on NodeRED. I understand a little bit more, however rather than playing around with it on my live data I’d like to load it up onto my Emoncms on WAMPSERVER running in Windows 10. I don’t have any feeds in this yet. Is there a write up somewhere that explains how to load the NodeRED with the emoncms bits and pieces?


Not really, as node-red is so flexible. The flows are individually developed to suit the data that you are trying to import into emoncms.
If I give you the framework, I’m sure that you will quickly get the idea how it all fits together.
I’ve just written a quick flow which will parse the example ‘realtime.txt’ which you pasted above, but it would help me if you could identify which items of data (and what they are) from the following list, that you want imported (ignore the items that you don’t need importing).


So for example, if you wanted the data contained in the following 3 columns to be imported into emoncms, just add a ‘short’ name alongside, so I can write the next bit of the flow;
“col36”:“00:05” rain
“col37”:1020.05 pressure
“col38”:“15:53” tempc



Thats really great. Am off out today to see the grandchildren. Will get back to it tomorrow.



I not sure if this data will feed thru properly. See how we go


I’ve got this in file format also, just don’t know how to load to here

It’s pretty easy to do the node-red wunderground to emoncms route. I have the following in node-red which gets me the local outside temperature to emoncms every 5 minutes which I can then display on a dial. The Humidity and Temperature go off the top to MQTT for other bits of the system.


PS the code in the WU: temperature node is as follows:

var msg = {payload: msg.payload.tempc};
msg.topic = “weather/tempC”;
return [msg];

I am already feeding my data to Wunderground so it would seem to be the long way round to go back to them to get my data back, it would seem better to cut out the middle man.



Like that! Click that and follow the instructions, or just drag-and-drop into the window you’re typing in.

Sorry, I thought you were doing that anyway and would continue to do that, in which case if it’s already there it’s pretty straightforward to get to emoncms as Paul had suggested via node-red.