DarkSky API access to be closed by Apple

Just got an email from Dark Sky saying they have ‘joined’ Apple. See

I suppose it means:
(1) If you haven’t already signed up, you can’t now.
(2) If you have, you’re subject to Apple’s conditions, whatever they are, and
(3) There’s a hint the service will close at the end of next year.

Seen quite a bit on twitter that they are going to close the API.

Yeah, got the emails too.

There are shutting down the Android app asap.
But at least we get 18 months to change out any apps or code that use the API

Home Assistant are well peeved as Darksky was their go to weather app.
They are making swift changes to remove API usage moving forward.

All seems a bit petty of Apple to remove the API. But as they’ve bought, $$$ talk!

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I wouldn’t expect anything else.


My experience with the “fruit company” (which dates from 1984) is $$$ is their main focus.

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This is unfortunate! Their API worked so well.

Any view on the best alternatives?

This come to mind.

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