Dark theme for discourse


I’ve just started moving everything to a dark theme as I think it’s easier on my head. I noticed that this discourse install doesn’t have themes available. I expected to find the setting in preferences -> interface, but it’s not there. Is there a setting which an admin could enable or an upgrade available?


@glyn.hudson a @Gwil is this something we can support?

I have added a dark theme: you can now see the option in preferences -> interface. It still needs a little bit of work, but hopefully it will help.


Thanks, that looks much better :smile:

Yes, TYVM!

Cool, nice work @Gwil! I like it :black_heart:

Awful - all but illegible for me on my laptop.


You’re one of these savages who uses a terminal with a white background, aren’t you? (sarcasm)

On my travels to darkify my various devices, I’ve found that sometimes themes don’t apply fully. You might have better luck if you clear your cache and refresh the whole site?

Of course, you might just not like dark theme… Different hues for different dudes

It’s established fact that a light but neutral background is the most readable and leads to less eye-strain with prolonged use. I learned that many years ago while visiting NATS at Swanwick (that’s National Air Traffic Service). And they should know, they have controllers looking at radar screens all day.

You might not spend quite so much time here as I do, so squinting at a black screen for ten minutes won’t cause you a problem.

And don’t refer to me as a “dude”, I don’t like it. If it’s OK in your community, keep it there.