Daily Usage Dial / Gauge - Per Day Calculations?

Hi, New user, first time writer… Thank you for this toolset, it’s pretty handy and I don’t need to manage a
server / service in my home using more electricity.
Background: In USA, I use an Iotawatt. I am confident that the data I’m feeding into EMonCMS is valid.
I have 8 ‘feeds’ from my various inputs. I have paid for 8 Feeds. :slight_smile:
I’ve searched the FAQs, documentation, etc.
I have created dashboards, and I have created a number of items on my dashboard based on feed. I have spent 3 days trying each of the meters, graphs, visualizations, and multigraphs.

I would if possible, like to figure out how to get a dial (or Jgauge/JGauge2/Dial or anything) setup with that days cumulative usage per feed. I see the daily kWh Graph, using Delta to give me my daily usage for the previous day(s). I also have MyElectric2 which shows me my usage today (can I get a dial for this?).

Currently I have all of these different feeds setup with dials for what is is using right now, which is nominally helpful.

Example 1: How many kWh have I used today (since 12AM/ 00:00)? Like MyElectric2.

Example 2: Heat Pump - show me how many kWh the Heat Pump used today to this point. Showing me how much it is using while it is working is useful if it is broken, but it consistently pulls between 2700-3000 watts. If the heat strips kick on we’re talking a whole new ballgame, but that is a different story.

I’d like to see a gauge with this capability. If the data can also be broken out this way I can use that data to give me a time based summary of what my heating cost was (or percentage) over a period of time.
I see the data in there, I just can’t seem to find a way to visualize it, even in a graph.

Or even to be able to add in some more feeds to stack usage into MyElectric 2. Currently that is accurate for daily kWH consumption. But it has no data about what percentage of what drove that usage.

If this has already been covered, please point me to the article, I did not find it.

Hello @seattlerain15 this is not currently supported very well on emoncms.org, there is a widget called kwhperiod available currently on the self-hosted version of emoncms that will soon be made available on emoncms.org that provides a text output (in a similar format to the feedvalue widget). Im working through a number of upgrades to emoncms.org, so support for this will improve soon.

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I’m happy to test if/when you get it. Thank you for your consideration.