Daily extract of MELCLOUD data for ECODAN

hi, apologies if this has been discussed before… does anyone know how to run a script to provide a daily extract of the following information…

  • hot water kWh consumed
  • heating kWh consumed
  • legionella kwh consumed
  • anti freeze kwh
  • Total consumed energy kWh
  • Total delivered energy kWh

I use windows 11 and i also have a Raspberry Pi.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @mdevilly

I’m afraid there isn’t a supported API from MELCloud so people have a variety of ways they interact with it.

You have sufficient tools with your Windows 11 or Raspberry Pi to do this because you just need things like Python and HTTP.

Some people use pymelcloud and others (such as me) hand-roll their own interaction with the MELCloud site. Particularly, we don’t want to make such a fuss or a load on the Mitsubishi servers that they put blocks against us so we’re all being pretty gentle. For example, in your case you only need to call it once a day. Some people call it once a minute.

For your data you can see it if you pop to the MELCloud website and look in the Network part of your browser’s devtools to see the “https://app.melcloud.com/Mitsubishi.Wifi.Client/User/ListDevices” call. Much of what you want is there.

It does feel a bit of shame we need to do this rather than using an approved route, but arguably it is our data and we have paid for the device and the service. Some people here attach local monitors to their devices so they control what they measure and who owns the data. If you’re interested in doing that then shout in this post and people will come and help, that’s what OpenEnergyMonitor is all about.



Just wanted to say thanks to @MyForest for posting this response which I stumbled upon. Very helpful.