Daikin ASHP & Excess Solar

Hi All
I have a Daikin Altherma ASHP and Solis S6 PV inverter. I’m looking to purchase a EmonPi Solar Bundle and possibly Daikin LAN adapter to utilise excess solar production. Has anyone done this successfully?

Ideally there would be some way of taking the excess solar figures from the EmonPi and inputting into the Daikin Lan Adapter (see section 7 of https://www.daikin.eu/content/dam/document-library/Installer-reference-guide/ctrl/BRP069A61,%20BRP069A62_4PEN464229-1_2017_08_Installer%20reference%20guide_English.pdf)


Hello @Mark_McMullan

I don’t think this has been done on here yet.

There is discussion relating to this over on the home assistant forums:
Daikin Heat pump Altherma Integration - #10 by sircobalt - Hardware - Home Assistant Community

and some other work e.g:
GitHub - magcode/daikin-mqtt: MQTT interface for Daikin AC Wifi Adapter

You can get data from the emonPi into home assistant and likely setup rules that would then link through to Daikin. Other’s here or perhaps on the home assistant forum may be able to help more with that than I can…