Customising graphics libraries on local and remote host

Hi all

I am struggling to customise some of the graphics in emoncms and was wondering if there is a way to edit the graphics library (whether local server via emonbase or on

What I’m aiming for:
I am creating a dashboard for a school in rural South Africa. The school is divided into different sections, the image below should give a good indication.

What I’ve done:
I have checked some of the videos creating dashboards and customising dashboards. I was able to achieve the following design on a local server (emonbase):

My questions:

  1. Can I edit the graphic libraries to show the dial as in the aimed design?
  2. Can I create a graph to show only the last three months of costs data?

Any feedback would be great.

If you really want to customise, then perhaps you would be better passing the data to an influxdb and using Grafana for the dashboard.

A few folk have done this - have a search here.

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