Custom sensor nodes

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(Joe Jordans) #1

I have the emonbase and emontx setup for for energy monitoring.
I am also setting up home assistant for home automation.
I would like to take advantage of the RF module on the emonbase to receive data from custom (diy) sensor nodes.
Where can I find the rf communications protocol?
Also, is it possible to setup additional categories other than energy and temp? I was thinking of using temp, humidity, motion, etc. I don’t really need to log to the emon database.
Is it possible to write software to listen in on the radio on the emonbase without changing the emonpi software. That way I can just send the data I am interested in to HA via MQTT.
Or would it be easier to get another emon base and use custom software to control it for home automation nodes only? This could be on the HA RPi
I would appreciate any suggestions

(franck102) #2

Hi Joe,

You can deploy your own custom nodes without modifying any software on the emonBase: it already runs a service called emonHub that will process your custom messages once properly configured.

Have a look at this project as an example:

The protocol is based on the Jeelib RF library: there are quite a few versions floating around, and I’d recommend that you stick with the oem version (see the Readme above).

There is a page about emonHub configuration on the oem site:

W.r.t. catégories you can assign a “tag” to a feed when you create it, I assume this is what you are looking for.


(Joe Jordans) #3

Thanks a lot Franck. I really appreciate your quick response. I will check out the links.
I knew this would have been done before but I couldn’t find any information