Custom emonTH firmware updates - via emonPi?

Hi all,

I want to increase the number of external sensors attached to an emonTH.

I’ve been reading the documentation for updating emonTH firmware and in the section headed “Updating firmware using an emonPi/emonBase” it says that’s the easiest way to update the firmware.

What’s not clear to me is, can I edit the source of the firmware on the emonPi prior to the update or does it just upload a stored, precompiled one?

Naturally it is preferable for me to do it this way but if I have to use PlatformIO that’s okay, I just need a steer.



I’ve had a look through the source to wind up at emonscripts/update/ which gets hex files, can’t see anything about compiling so I’ll go ahead and set up PlatformIO.

I would recommend using a laptop, a programmer and the Arduino IDE.

A considerable while ago, I installed platformio - it MOVED files and directories around and cost me several hours to restore everything. There are (or were) full instructions in the old ‘Learn’ section for installing the Arduino IDE and the necessary libraries. I think most has been transferred to “Docs” but I’ve not checked for accuracy and completeness.

Having done this numerous times, I can agree with Robert that using the Arduino IDE is very easy.

Thanks both!