Current Status of EmonEVSE charge system

I am looking for some status updates on the EmonEVSE charge system,… I see it is currently out of stock,… I assume due to component shortages that are currently affecting many areas.
But can someone give me some details as to what is actually in the charge unit? does it have the new required circuit breaker with DC offset trip etc,… as I understand is required for UK installations, and does it meet the latest update/ requirements regs that were issued in mid 2022, as I understand.
What is the difference in WiFi gateway, and Ethernet gateway?,… RJ45 connector or 8266 module comms? I assume,… Well will/is unit expected to be available? But too many assumptions…
Any clarification would be gratefully appreciated,… Many thanks
( hope this is the correct group,… but cannot find one for charge unit etc.)