Current sensors reads zero

I have a bout 37 current sensors I bought for a project I am working on. About 3 of them read zero values throughout even when tested on a different input that is working. About 5 of them return relatively very low values when tested alongside others. The way we did this was by connecting all the sensors to a single power source. I am pressed for time and I would like to fix this as fast if it is possible. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

My crystal ball has clouded over. I can’t guess what you’re asking about. What current sensors? How did you test them?

We carried out a simple measurement test by metering one load. We connected one load on all the Iota inputs and compared the values that were being measured. We identified that some of the sensors measured considerably very less power as less as 35% while two of those gave us the zero. The rest of the senors we tested were within a tolerable margin of 2% when compared with the multi meter reading of the same time.
I am not sure how to correct the either of the sensors to reduce the error in reading.
I would also like to point out that I took precaution to have the sensors properly inserted in the meter inputs. Further, I took precaution to close the sensors well in order to avoid an air gap.

Is this an Iotawatt? Bob Lemaire can now be found at, he has set up a dedicated forum for IotaWatt, if you post your question there I’m sure he will get back to you quickly.