Current Calibration Coefficient for SCT013 30A/1V CT sensor?

Recently i bought a SCT013 30A/1V CT sensor and assembled the default circuit with burden resistor of 33ohms. My circuit is connected to Arduino (5V).
I want to clarify that for this model also do i have to use same circuit and same calibration coefficient?
emon1.current(A4, 111.1);
hope to get an helpful answer ASAP.

All you need to know is in the Learn section.
Briefly, you must remove the external (to the c.t.) burden resistor, the coefficient is 30.

thanks Robert.I have removed burden resistor from circuit and changed the coefficient to 30.
I will do some test with heavy loads to check the accuracy and will let you know if there is any abnormal issues.

Thanks a lot for prompt support.