Current best practice to get data from Sunnyboy inverters? (windows10, arduino ESP8266 or raspberri Pi)

I’ve managed to reconnect with my inverter via the oxley solar app. Want to setup an auto monitoring system with daily uploads to or similar.

suggestions welcome. I code a lot, mostly in python, found some git repos but not working for me ATM.

Hello, I wrote the SMA/Sunnyboy import routines for the OpenEnergyMonitor project - they are installed by default and configured through the emonHUB software - you will need a bluetooth adapter to talk to the inverter(s).

Similar code is also found in the Oxley Solar App who appears to have ripped my code off :frowning: without acknowledgement!

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Is there a git repo I should be referring to?

I found this.

On phone atm. Will look at the code soon.

I think this might be where you should be looking: Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Other Software→SMA webbox data extractor→Extracting Data from an SMA WebBox

A heads-up on this one. May or may not apply to the OP’s question.

I was referring to my code inside emonhub…


Paul B (@pb66 ) has written an explanation of what happens with emonCMS & Bluetooth only yesterday: Multiple problems w. EmonTx and RFM69Pi - #24 by pb66

Thanks for that link @Robert.Wall I’m still stuck on PI2 so don’t have the bluetooth problem - I’m using a USB external bluetooth adapter - class 1 so it has a longer 100m range.

Hi Stuart,let
yes, the bluetooth integration on a PI3 sounds the easiest way to achieve my goal.

I’ve been dabbling with Arduino ESP32’s and various sensors, have avoided changing stacks to the raspberri pi world.

I wasn’t expecting a lot of help since the SMA inverter I have is getting ‘old’ now and I can’t imagine a large number of owners are using the openergymonitor.