Curl and LED function in Dashboard loading slow


im using Emoncms for longer time, from the beginning i had an issue with LED and Curl function. They are loading verry slow in Dashboard. Also on a new installed system i had the same behavior.
Im using Ubuntu 22.04. Everything else thing is workig at the moment.
I have a video but as a new user i cant upload at the moment.

Is this slow loading normal?


Welcome, Andy, to the OEM forum.

Try now - I’ve upgraded your privileges.

Thank you.

I press F5 the other displays loads normaly all bargraphs or values like here 0W. But this LED and Curl object loads after some seconds.

Is it a problem or not?
Happends only on my system?
No one any idea?

Let us see if @TrystanLea can help. He is the creator of emonCMS.

Yes you are right, there does seem to be an issue with these, it seems these are only being drawn on the second data update. I will try and work out why that is.

Hi, any news?