Cumulative kWH with Emoncms

Hi. I have been trying to figure this out via Google searches without any luck. I have an IoTaWatt which has four feeds. (2 for my total usage and 2 for my casita) I have a local server running Emoncms which the IoTaWatt is pushing the usage data to.

I just would like to have a running total of the kWH used for each feed. I setup two virtual feeds that have a sfeed + a feed but they just show to realtime kWh usage. I’m looking for a running total. Or a monthly total of kWh used for the total usage and the casita’s usage.

How can I setup the running total for both feeds? Thanks!


if you use the whacc function on your feed and then that can create a new feed you can hen create a new feed from the addition of these feeds that should give you the total for both of them.