CTs needed for solar PV?

Hello -

I am looking into getting an emonPi setup going to monitor my consumption on my panel, but I also have a PV array.

I have a SolarEdge inverter (SE6000) that I have a hardwire ethernet connection to, with Modbus-TCP enabled. I know that the API can be used but with infrequent calls. Can I use the Modbus-TCP connection to bring in the PV data, or would it be recommended that I just install separate CTs on the PV feed into the panel?


(ps. sorry i this is the wrong topic to post this question to!)

If you can get the Modbus data and send it to your emonPi, then that’s fine, and probably marginally more accurate.

But you might find it easier to simply fit a c.t. on the output of your inverter and plug it straight into the emonPi.

Plural? Your inverter appears to be single phase, so you’ll want only one c.t. - if you’re monitoring one leg (120 V), double the power in emonHub.

Take a look at the “Use in North America” page for some details, and come back here if you have any more questions.

I’m looking to monitor SolarEdge production. I have one free channel on a WattNode Modbus meter. Is a single CT enough to get a reliable reading from the system? It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I’d like somewhat reasonable accuracy, +/- 10% maybe?