CTs, emonbase and emonpi?

Hi, I am a new user from Saudi Arabia, many thanks for sharing the knowledge

I have three question,

**1. What are the 200A CTs that are tested to be working fine with the emonTX? **
2. How many emonTXs that emonBase and emonPi can deal with, simultaneously?
**3. What is the maximum number samples per second emonTx can measure? **


If you look at the “Use in North America” page in the ‘Learn’ section, you will find a large range of C.T’s that can be used with the emonTx and emonPi. Some require a small modification to the hardware.

Strictly speaking only one. That is because only one radio channel is available, therefore only one emonTx can transmit at a time. Therefore, the practical answer is: it depends on how often the emonTx’s transmit to send the readings. The fixed limit for the total number of “Nodes” on the radio channel is 29. You are unlikely to experience satisfactory operation with 29 transmitting at 10 s intervals. The realistic number is probably around 6.

See Sampling rate of emonLib