CT Sensor voltage divider with multiple CT sensors

I’m building the CT sensor circuit for interfacing with Arduino. The circuit has a voltage divider on the arduino 5V line. In the listed schematic it’s R1 and R2 (both at 10k to 470k). I’d like to connect at least 10 of the CT sensors. Would it be possible to use a single Voltage Divider to power all 10 of the CT sensors ? Building 10 voltage dividers would present a very low resistance across the 5V line as they are all in parallel across the 5V line. I would connect the midpoint of the single voltage divider to all of the CT circuits as listed in the schematic.

I answered this not very long ago. You use a single bias chain and buffer the midpoint with an op.amp. to give a low impedance, stable bias voltage which you can use for both voltage and current inputs. The circuit is in the ‘Learn’ section: Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

You use the line labelled ‘mid-point’ to replace all the individual sets of bias resistors & capacitors.