CT Clamp

Hi All,

Strange questions, is it possible to send the feed from 1 CT to 2 inputs?


Strange diagram :open_mouth:

If it’s a genuine c.t, you’ll be sharing the current between two burdens, and are they both referenced to the same bias/ground voltage? If it’s a voltage output c.t., you’ve still got the reference problem. There’s not enough information and too many unknowns to give proper answer.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply. the more i think about it the more my plan wont work anyway.

I have 2 inverters with batteries. they monitor useage via a CT clamp. at the moment they are both clipped on to the same incoming cable and i have a problem, one inverter will start to pull a load from the 2nd inverter. had a crazy idea if they share the same CT it would solve my problem, but the more i think about it the more it wont.

I need a block diagram to understand what’s going on there. It sounds very much as if you need to cross-couple the inverters so that each knows what the other is doing. Are they both the same model? What parameters are available to you to tune their operation?