CSV Export Column Headings

In the past when using the full CSV export via the feed interface the selected feeds had a column heading on the exported Excel file. After a recent reboot the headings have disapeared, making the file somewhat difficult to manipulate. Does anyone know how to recover the column headings on the export file?

Hello @keithfromoz that’s probably something I missed in the latest update. I will make a note to look at that, in the mean time have you tried the csv export facility available via the graph interface? It does give you headings there…

Hi Tristan - thanks for the suggestion; I have tried the graph interface export but I have not been able to gain the same output that I get from the feed interface. When I enter the graph interface and select a feed the data seems to comply with the first line of instruction (ie 24hrs) but based on the current time. Trying to select my requirement (yesterdays 24hr data in hourly steps) from the selection below the graph doesn’t seem to work for me, with the data interval always being 120 (seconds?) regardless of my selection. No matter - I can sort out the feed interface export without headings as the data values are always around “expected” values. Thank you for your prompt answer; at least I know I was not imagining things! What I will now endeavour to do is to prevent unwanted upgrades occurring at any time.