Creating feeds to keep track of previous periods


I’d like to be able to keep track of power consumption (kWh) over previous periods (yesterday, last week, etc). I have already set up feeds to keep track of daily, monthly.

But I’d like to have a feed for total power consumed yesterday or last week. Is it possible to create a feed to only have this value and have it reset updated every day / week?


Hello @jakezp and welcome!

The approach we recommend is to use the power_to_kwh input process to generate a cumulative kWh feed, you can then use this to work out daily/weekly/monthly kwh etc. You can access the kWh for a particular period using the graph interface, in the statistics section it shows the difference between the start and end value of the period selected.

Thanks for the information. I’ve already set this upfor my various inputs and I can access this data in the graphs, etc. and it’s working great.

I have started exposing the my feeds to my home assistant for quick and easy visualisation and from what I can see, it will only accept feed ids from emoncms - Emoncms - Home Assistant.

I’ve managed to figure out how to visualize this in home assistant, using sensors:, templates:, integration: and utility_meter:, but it gets complicated to provide simple visuals. So I was just looking for a simplified way of presenting the information.

If not possible, I will continue the way I am doing it now.

Thanks again for the input.

Attached, an image if the information in home assistant.