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Creating a daily kWh bargraph on dashboard

Hi all,

I’m having some difficulty setting up a daily kWh consumption graph on my dashboard. I have a cumulative kWh feed generated from the optical pulse sensor, and I can very easily create the exact graph that I need in the Visualization section of Emoncms, but replicating the same settings does not seem to work in the dashboard.

These settings show me exactly what I want as a Visualization:

feed: kwh_pulsecount
interval: 86400
dp: 1
scale: 1
delta: On
mode: 0

Using those exact same settings in the dashboard just gives me an empty graph. I have also tried with mode “On” and a blank interval, but that made no difference.

Does anyone have any guidance on creating a daily kWh bargraph on the dashboard, or any insight in to why it might not be working?

I’m currently running Emoncms low-write 10.2.6


Hello @nexim and welcome to the forum! Do you see the zoom setting just below mode, you may need to scroll down, does selecting week or month sort the issue for you?

Aha, not sure why I didn’t think of that but that works perfectly! Thank you!