Created loop in Feeds

Hi. Some time ago I created a virtual feed which I believe may have caused a loop. The general system has kept working but I cannot get the Setup/Feed page to be displayed so I can edit it - all I get is the spinning wheel. I cannot navigate to any other part of the site. I am still running 9.8.28 from emonSD on a RaspberryPi.

Is there a way I can manually edit the Feed configuration from the SSH console?

Many thanks and I promise to upgrade to the latest version when I have got this working again. :slight_smile:


In an effort to move on, I have upgraded to the latest version (10.2.0) which went very smoothly. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem.

Is there a way to edit the Feed configuration when the user interface doesn’t work? If there isn’t I’d appreciate confirmation of that.


Sorry, but it appears that the people who can answer you haven’t noticed your question.

@TrystanLea is probable the most knowledgeable on this matter.


I have tried to use phpmyadmin but have been unable to find all the config details to let me log into the database to manually edit it. If anyone knows how I should configure phpmyadmin and lets me know I would be very grateful.

You can delete a Feed via the API IIRC.

However, the processing is done on the Input page is it not (never played with Virtual Feeds) so the Input API may be more relevant.

Or the Feed/Virtual Feed API

No need for an API key if you are doing it from the same browser instance you are actually logged into the UI with.