"Counter like" functions on emoncms


I have a topic on which I am working on.

Soon I’ll be able to push interval values from my heat pump (Rotex HPSU Compact) on emoncms.

Some of these will be multivalue, let’s say binary.

Is there any way to “count” transition states in OEM ?

Instead of measuring how long a variable has been > 0 (I am able to do it) could I count how many times the variables has transitioned from 0 to 1 ?

Thanks !

Just to complete: the need is to count number of defrost events.

My Daikin/Rotex HPSU Compact has an enourmous number and Daikin is telling me it’s as expected.

I need to count them authomatically/

I don’t think you can do this in Emoncms. Could you use the pulse input on the emonTx / emonPi / emonTH to count the transitions then log this to an ‘accumulator’ feed in Emoncms?

Nope I think.

We have just interfaced the heat pump CAN Bus with emoncms:


I have a value called “mode” that tell me the current status.

Based on it I can coun defrosts

2017-01-27 15:21 GMT+01:00 Glyn Hudson <
[email protected]>:

Your dashboard is not public so we can’t view the URL you posted.

Sorry I changed some URLs.

Start from the “basic” and navigate freely on the different dashboards:


How did you send the data from the rotex to emoncms?

I have a rotex too and I would like to make some dashbord like you.

I have installed pyhpsy on a raspberrypi and also emoncms but I cannot recieve anything in emoncms…

Could you help me please?

Note : the installation of emoncms on the rasberry seems to be ok, the only thing that I was not able to install is the swiftmailer.
pyHPSU is working fine and using it with the command line return correct values too.