Correct Inputs & Feeds for Optical Sensor to provide data for Apps

Apologies if this is a silly newbie question, but I’m tearing-out my hair.

I have a Pi with RFM69Pi and an emonTx 3 with a single optical sensor. The Pi is running the latest release of the pre-built SD card (

I get ouput\Input from the Emon TX to the pi but I can’t get the Apps to display the current power consumption, nor the accumulated useage.

I have tried the settings in the documentation, but to no avail. Please can someone show me their settings which work?


Hello Peter, did you setup the input processing and create feeds? What does your current configuration look like? Have you been following the documentation here? Home Energy - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi Trystan

I’ve set-up as recommended in the documentation But the data being returned doesn’t seem to make sense…