Copy input/feed data to external program

Is it possible to capture an input and divert it to another platform (non emonCMS)? I would like to use one of my OEM inputs in a python script to control a modbus inverter. It needs to be close to real time - i.e. no more delayed than about 20 secs.

Data is coming into my emonHub via 433 MHz RF from Robyn’s Mk2 Diverter. I can capture this flow in Node-red, but need to use it as an input in a python script that compares and processes other data. This script can then send instructions to the inverter via modbus. Ideally I would like to run the python script on a separate rPi or PC - not the rPi running emonHub, but suspect it’s probably easier to do it all on the same rPi.

You can add a ‘publish to MQTT’ task as part of the Input processing.

Actually I’d always recommend using separate devices unless the system is inside a docker. I’ve found inter-dependencies between systems can be a real pain especially node-red and nodejs.

Thanks @borpin, I wasn’t aware that was an option. I will setup another rPi and do all processing on that.

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